Welcome to Screentalent - Sydney's leading supplier of talent for film and television

Having worked on most major film and television productions produced in Sydney over the last 15 years we are considered by most as the industry leader in getting people work in film and TV.


With the ability to cater to large scale productions, Screentalent is a bank of local talent representing actors, extras and models for work in film, television and television commercials. As a Sydney based talent agency we provide an opportunity for local talent to participate in both local and international productions being made in Australia while, at the same time, providing producers and casting directors with the best available local talent.


We represent a vast range of looks, nationalities, age groups and levels of experience. Our main requirements are that talent and models are keen, properly skilled, reliable, able to take direction and can make themselves available when required.


Our highly functional and innovative database allows casting directors, as well as our own bookers, the ability to make complex search requirements of current talent and handle large booking projects quickly and efficiently.


Recently, Screen Artists has taken over Screentalent and the long established business of Talentbank together with all talent, agreements and bookings. We have integrated the two together seamlessly so there has been no disruption to operations and are gradually branding all business as Screentalent.


If you are looking to register for work in film and television please see our employment page. If you are looking to book talent please see information on our bookings page.



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