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REGISTERING FOR WORK (Actors, Extras or Models)



Screentalent is Sydney's leading agency for work in film and television and currently looking for people to work as extras, featured extras, actors and models. All nationalities required and experience is not necessary for non acting roles.


We represent people of all looks, ages and nationalities for work as actors, extras and models primarily in the production of film, television production and television commercials with roles ranging from background extras through to featured speaking performances.





The first step is to call and make an appointment.  Interviews are held at Entertainment Quarter, Fox Studios office from Monday to Friday each week and every second Saturday and can be booked from 10:00am each day.


Our interview office address is:


Ground Floor, Building 208

Entertainment Quarter, Fox Studios

Moore Park NSW 2021


It's in the Entertainment Quarter near the southern end of the professional studios and near Brent Street Dance Academy, Australian Film Television and Radio School and Trackdown. Best to park in the multi level car park at the Entertainment Quarter and walk up Bent Street past Hoyts Imax and Gloria Jeans.


To make an appointment please call 0488 017 533 during business hours.





We accept people of all ages from 6 months old up into their 90s. If you are from overseas you must be able to work while in Australia and plan on being in Sydney for at least 3 months.


There are no height requirements, qualifications or experience required for background extras, modelling or featured extras work as roles can be based on visual aspects such as look, age, ethnic background, sporting or real life skills you have or any special look required. If you want us to put you forward for featured acting roles you must already have acting experience or tuition.


Most work is Sydney based so you will need to live in or near Sydney and able to get to Sydney fairly quickly for castings and/or work.


Work is on a casual and/or part-time basis and suitable for students or anyone able to work part time in Australia.


If you register for work with Screentalent you are subject to our Term & Conditions


For more information or questions regarding registration for work please EMAIL HERE.





If accepted into the agency, we will call you to arrange a time to come back to our offices to register with the agency and to take photos in our studio for submitting you for work. This process takes about an hour.





Once registered for work, our bookers submit you to productions where you meet the looks or skills that the production requires for the particular role.  If its just for background extras there is usually no casting involved and casting directors will usually just give us a list of people to book from the people we have suggested.


If the role is as a featured extra, modelling or acting role there is usually a casting involved. Casting directors give us a list of people to book in for a casting from the suggestions we have made.  And if you are selected, one of our bookers will either call or text to see if you are available.


To make an appointment for an interview now please telephone 0488 017 533



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